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Ball-grip screwdriver No.220 (+)3x150 is newly released.(11/04/08)


Developmental background


Until recently it was thought that carrying two sizes of  screwdrivers would suffice the needs of electricians.
These are screwdrivers for No.2 philips screws and slotted screws.

However, these days, we see more and more No.3 philips screws used on electrical switchboards with the prevalence of 200V power system in all-electric houses and facilities.
If the screwdriver tip is not suitable for these No.3 philips screws, it often results in breakage of the driver tip or damage of the screw heads.

Having taken this current situation into consideration, we decided to add a new No.3 philips size to the line-up of our long-selling Ball-Grip screwdrivers. This new addition has an ideal shank length and tip diameter for electrical switchboard work.





● Ergonomic ball-grip handle transmits torque efficiently.
● The thin shank allows an easy insertion into a narrow spaces of the electrical switchboard.
● A special color is used for the grip so that it is easy to tell this new size from our previous range.
● The icon on the grip end enables the identification of the drive tip even when it is placed in a sack.



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